President's message

February 23, 2015

Fellow enthusiasts and interested parties, 

Northern Nevada is in a unique position to be at the forefront of the Electric Vehicle revolution. As EV enthusiasts we can make a difference in accelerating public education, encouraging sensible legislation, and providing feedback for proper deployment of a multilayered charger network.

Before any of that can continue we must elect the officers who will be responsible for guiding our efforts. The continued existence and success of EAANN begins with the identifying individuals willing to accept the responsibility of carrying on the fine example of our previous leader. Therefore, as Interim President, I am calling for the following actions: 

An election to assign officers to which MAY be defined as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

Determine the scope and term of each position

Assigning of a 2015 Earth Day Chairperson who will oversee our group’s participation in the Earth Day Event on Sunday, April 26

Election of these positions will take place at the next EAANN meeting on (Date/Time/Place TBA). Attend the meeting if you are interested in one of the above roles or want to have a vote in who will lead the group.


Ken McLellan