Electric Vehicles Are On Your Side

With a full time job, a spouse, a house, kids, and lots of projects, it sometimes feels like life can gang up on you. How many times in your life have you had more things to do than hours in which to get them done? Not to mention the expenses. . . If you’re like me, the answer is, “way too often”. 

It used to be that just about the time I could see a glimmer of light at the end of the ‘to do list’ tunnel, along came that five-thousand mile mark on one of the cars, and there went another few bucks and another few hours to get the oil changed. I’m one of the folks who switched to synthetic, fully willing to pay the extra cost to extend the time between oil changes and hopefully extend the life of the engine. 

Spring is here and I’ve got gardening to do, track and field events to attend, my daughter’s high school graduation to plan, and enough household repairs and home improvements to make Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunt himself into a coma of despair. While my house remains just as maintenance intensive as it ever was, the cars have gotten with the program and now require less attention than an artificial cactus. 

Two years ago my wife and I were tired of paying a small fortune each time we had to make our weekly trek to the gas station. After finding out about the Nissan Leaf, we put pencil to paper and found out that we could have one for less than the cost of our monthly tithe to the Cult of OPEC. When we decided to make the switch to electric, we could not have guessed how it would change our lives for the better. 

Smog checks, fuel, oil changes, air filters and a myriad of other maintenance hassles are a thing of the distant past. For the first time in my life, I actually did 100% of the factory scheduled maintenance. That recommended maintenance consisted of rotating the tires.

The Leaf is ready to go, and simply doesn’t need me for much apart from wiper blades and washer fluid a few times a year, the aforementioned tire rotation, maybe a good washing and that’s about the extent. 

My wife hasn’t been to a gas station, in two years. Think about that. Two years without a stop at fueling station. Two years without exposure to the fumes, the PIN thieves, or the elements. Instead, the car recharges overnight in our garage. Since we were coming home anyway, it turns out that contrary to what the oil peddlers would have you believe, charging at home is the MOST convenient way to fuel your car. 

Some people think that they will have to adapt to the electric car, but the truth is, the electric car gives back to it’s owner. It saves you money, hassle and most importantly, time. 

My EV is on my side.