A visiting scholar would like to chat with you about your Tesla experience

Scott Hardman is currently working with California Tesla owners as part of his PhD research at the Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis. Hardman, from the University of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom. He has already connected with Tesla owners in the Sacramento area, interviewing them about their vehicle ownership experiences. His area of investigation involves how new transportation technologies diffuse through the market, and he is looking at this from" the consumer perspective".

He is now willing to come over to Reno, and interview Tesla Model S and Roadster owners, with each interview lasting between 30 minutes and one hour - depending on how much time the owner/driver has available. The topics will explore what vehicles you've owned previous to the Tesla, and the reasons why you chose to purchase a Tesla. The collected data will be used in his doctoral thesis.

If you have any queries about his research please connect directly with him and feel free to ask him

Scott Hardman (530)-318-5414