EV benefit Talking Points worth circulating

We'd like to thank Tom Polikalas and Will Toor of SWEEP (Southwest Energy Efficiency Project) for all their hard work and commitment to ensure a bright future for electric vehicles and their drivers here in Nevada.


Additionally, we hope that you will voice your opinions on these two bills at the Nevada Legislature website .

Here's a link to the SWEEP study on the economic and environmental benefits of EVs for Nevada:





AB 401  is the anti EV bill: http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/79th2017/Bills/AB/AB401.pdf

 Section 1 of this bill newly requires a person applying to register or renew the registration of a clean fuel vehicle or a hybrid fuel vehicle to pay an additional fee. The additional fee for a clean fuel vehicle is $336 and the additional fee for a hybrid fuel vehicle is $168.The additional registration fee is much too high. 


In Nevada, the total gasoline tax is $0.338 ($0.184 going to the state government and $0.154 going to county governments) per gallon.  An average new vehicle with a fuel economy of 32 mpg and driving 12,000 miles per year would be expected to pay about $125 per year in state and county gasoline taxes. The tax on a new gasoline vehicle that is as energy efficient as an EV would be about $40/year.


While a number of other states have assessed additional registration fees on electric vehicles, the fee imposed by AB 401 far exceeds that of any other state.  Currently, the state with the highest fee is Georgia which charges $200.  At the other end, Colorado charges $30.   Most states that have created a new fee have set the fee around $75-$125 which is approximately what a new vehicle would pay in state gasoline taxes.


AB 401 would require electric vehicles to pay far more than their fair share of highway and road maintenance costs.  


This high fee would discourage Nevada residents from purchasing an electric vehicle thus reducing the economic and air quality benefits that electric vehicles can bring to Nevada.  


 And EVs have played essentially no role in impacting gas tax collections in NV (less than one tenth of one percent impact).: http://www.swenergy.org/blame-inflation-not-fuel-efficiency-for-potholes-and-rickety-bridges 



AB 398 is the pro EV bill,https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/79th2017/Bill/5458/Overview

  which provides a modest sales tax credit for purchasing an EV. The exemption from the Local School Support Tax provides a reduction of 2.6% of the state sales tax of 4.6%.  For a new electric vehicle with an MSRP of around $30,000 (like a Nissan LEAF) this would provide an incentive of $780.  


 While this is lower than the incentive offered by other states for electric vehicle purchases it should have a positive impact on electric vehicles sales in the state.