Innovative EV advertising campaign resonates

Everybody who drives, and advocates for the adoption of electric cars has been there. Trying to persuade family, friends and the public that EVs are better. We all know they are, but getting the point across in terms of 'better for the environment' seems to be falling on deaf ears. Past experiences with EV's as relatively expensive, no-frills, no-fun cars didn't help the image, either.

Fortunately, along came Matt Stevens and the gang at FleetCarma. They understood that selling EVs as a public service wasn't working, and came up with an approach that's funny and engaging, while making important points about the many EV benefits we EV evangelists have long known about.

To begin with, EV drivers note that they spend much less time and money on their highly reliable electric cars. No more oil changes, timing belt replacements, schedule maintenance, oil and water pump replacements etc. And, more. Electric motors are simplicity personified. An electric car can have a fraction of the moving parts that a fossil fuel car will have.

Then, there's the issue of a full gas tank. Waiting in line at the gas station, getting gasoline stink on hands and clothing is a thing of the past. Drive into your garage, plug in on your way into the house and you're all set. Your car can be charged up and ready to go every single morning. Range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past, too, with the release of the Chevy Volt (an Extended Range Hybrid) and newer pure electric models such as the 2018 Nissan LEAF.

We keep stressing the 'fun' factor of EVs. Yeah. The instant torque of a quiet electric motor, directly to the wheels. We can be 'off the line' while the other cars are still thinking about it. Not that we'd ever do anything like lay rubber. Nope. We're all about safety, and following the rules. Snort.

It's hard to not take a quietly self-righteous stance when listening to your neighbor tout the extra horsepower of his fossil fuel ... um, fossil. We smile, and pretend to be fascinated, while thinking "Wow. How last century! ... how stone age." Eye roll.

But, perhaps the bottom-line will be about the next generation, and the planet we leave for them. Will the skies be bluer? The air cleaner? Will we be able to say that we did our part to leave the world a better place? EV drivers are hoping that will be true ... and that their grandkids will say "Grandma and grandpa were the cool kids. They were early adopters. Yeah."

The cool kids. Because #EVsAreBetter