Misconceptions about EVs abound.

A recent opinion piece in the Sierra Sun ( a newspaper up at Lake Tahoe, CA.) seemed to encapsulate all the common misconceptions, mistakes and outright fabrications shared by those who either don't understand where transportation is headed, or are pursuing a fossil fuel agenda.

The September 10, 2017  piece by Jim Clark was one of these, based, we believe, on a string of simple but far-reaching mistaken ideas. It required a lengthy, considered rebuttal by EAANN's current Chair, Cynthia Ryan.

If space hadn't been a consideration, we would have gone on to comment that the old canard of 60% of electricity to power EVs is coming from coal is a flat-out fabrication. Coal-fired plants are being closed down across the country, and being replaced either by natural gas, or renewable sources. 

Furthermore, Lithium-Ion batteries are being repurposed and recycled for use in homes and businesses.


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