Where have all the 'makers' gone ....

For almost 50 years General Motors and the other auto makers have offered hobbyists, hotrodders and the racing community the option to purchase their best motors for installation in one of a kind vehicles. This practice resulted in increased sales and huge brand recognition with Chevy, Ford, and Mopar motors becoming legend for generations.  But even more, it grew  generations of creative makers who thrived on the intellectual challenges of overcoming the limitations of Detroit engineering, and became a force to be reckoned with for technical aptitude, cleverness, and disruptive vision. Today, this shade tree culture has evolved into the maker culture   - where backyard DIY grew a technological extension.

Reno's own EV maker, William Brinsmead, and his instantly recognizable, iconic eHearse.

Reno's own EV maker, William Brinsmead, and his instantly recognizable, iconic eHearse.

I am proposing that Tesla investigate the feasibility of a similar 'crate motor' option. Since the model S motor, controller and differential is a powerful compacteasily adapted unit,  it is able to be mounted in a variety of popular repurposed suspension systems such as Jaguar or Corvette.  The components would only need cooling, DC power and control connections, giving builders a fast, reliable and eviromentally sound option to re-power classic, custom built cars and hotrods. 

In addition to the drive units themselves a simplified canbus controller would be needed in order to communicate with the existing motor drive inverter, providing inputs/outputs like regen/braking, throttle, forward/reverse, current/rev limiter, etc. this could be a newly designed unit or a simplified, reprogrammed existing Tesla unit.

Accessories such as, axels, batteries/BMS, charger, cooling and instrumentation would be the responsibility of the individual builder. 

Please give us your thoughts about such an out-reach. And, if you have any contacts with Tesla, we be happy to help initiate discussions. Contact me, or EAANN through this website. Let's see if we can't collaboratively keep the American innovator spirit alive in the EV age.