Myanmar, electric cars, and a more sustainable world

Tonight, I had a rare opportunity to engage with a delegation from Myanmar about their efforts to create a more sustainable world. And, give them rides in electric cars. I can't help myself. Snort. 

These folks - impressive young people - are serious, and committed to effecting change in their country. I came away from this unique gathering inspired and energized. I wish that I saw as many young folks here that were as committed. Sadly, I found out - from one of the local scientists at this gathering - that Washoe County Schools are passing on this years' science fairs. Not even the much vaunted STEM academies are participating ... I was flabergasted. SpaceX launches the biggest cargo rocket, with the coolest cargo, into space and nobody's interested in science?

The world wants a sustainable future. People across the globe are looking for ways that we can make that happen. But, it will be harder without a new generation of scientists from our schools.

This documentary answers a lot of the questions we all have about the extent of the problem, and steps that each and every one of us can take. Now.

Oh, and Elon Musk and the Gigafactory are featured.

Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio on Netflix

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